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Renaud Adam
Mar 01, 2022
In General Discussion
Recently, I acquired the neo lytmi 2.0 I'm quite happy with it, the result is really beautiful. There is a slight lag of a few hundredths of a second, but it's still really reasonable. The rendering of the led strip really enlarges the image of the tv, you can see that something is missing when the strip is off, it's impressive. Everything works correctly with HDMI (I did well and made sure that my TV is not HDR or Dolby Vision XD) However, I have 3 problems: 1. The Lytmi application has never found the led strip in wifi. I had to use the Smart Life application which is almost identical to the Lytmi application and found the led strip directly. 2. The LED strip position configuration does not save. The start of the led strips is located at the bottom right of my tv and each time I turn off the led strip and turn on the led strip again (the next day), the neo configures itself with the configuration at the bottom left . I have to configure it again at the bottom right each time I use it. 3. Positioning the strips for the first time, I cut a strip too short (3 leds), my fault but too late. So obviously, I have an offset of 3 leds on one side of my tv... @Jack is it possible to order 1 single 60" led strip for the neo 2.0? (or a set of 2 if sold like that) Do you have a purchase link? Thank you ;-) (A happy user of the lytmi product)
Renaud Adam
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