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Adi Hadzikadunic
Feb 02, 2022
In General Discussion
I bought the new NEO box 2.0 when it was released. When I finally recieved it, it has huge issue with picture fall outs. I've documented the issues and has been promised new shipment with NEO box updated and HDR splitter. Has waiting for over 1 month now and still no shipment or track and trace.. really bad customer experience !! :( :(
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Adi Hadzikadunic
Jan 03, 2022
In General Discussion
Hi Lytmi, I've bought Neo Box 2.0, but experience some issues with losing signal to my Apple TV 4K which is connected to Neo Box - I've attached a video which shows short-wise connection lost, which is annoying! I've tried to connect my Apple TV directly to TV, and have no issues, so it seems to been an issue related to the box. What can I do to solve the issue? Has I recieved a malfunction box? I have also issues with HDR/DV which is common issue for other issues as well. You have promised to sent a splitter which could solve these issues, which I'm looking forward to recieve.
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Adi Hadzikadunic
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