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Feb 03, 2022
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Hey guys hope everyone is doing well, so after receiving my new neo kit and following the guidelines to installing/syncing the whole deal everything was working fine the lighting was working properly and it was synced probably and everything was running fine.. its when i started watching a movie on my *Plex* i would face a problem when im watching a movie after a few minutes it would randomly stop playing and my screen would go to black get a loading screen then goes back to playing the movie normally.. "by the way the loading sign is different to the normal plex loading sign so im guessing its from Neo" And if i tried it with Netflix the whole movie would get an error sign and crash and I'd have to restart the whole thing. Not sure if my neo box is defective but if any if you guys face this problem or got a solution would really appreciate it,thanks 🙏👍 By the way im running a 65 inch Samsung oled tv and for my media player im using the Nvidia shield pro.


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