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Claudio Luzi
Mar 20, 2022
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Since OLED TVs are very thin at the top, does the glue from 3M that is used on the brackets come off without leaving any damage or traces from the thin OLED back panels or is the glue potentially dangerous to attach to OLED TVs? The Curved LG OLED TVs from 2016 have thin edges at the top area but they become thicker at the lower part, I am a bit concerned if this Neo 2.0 Kit could be mounted on a curved OLED TV? What is your recommendation? Plus the OLED TVs have their connectors at the side and at the bottom where there is really not much room to mount any light strips. As you can see from the back and side pictures, there is actually a quite bigh hump between the thin part at the top and the thicker part at the bottom of the TV and the strip would not fit well near the connectors. What is the recommendation here? Is this even a good idea to install the Neo 2.0 kit on such a LG OLED curved TV?
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Claudio Luzi
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