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Dec 26, 2021
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Hello everyone. First of all, I wanted to make it clear that the purpose of my post is not to badmouth your product. My intention is to help correct its shortcomings and that we really have a real alternative to Philips and its inflated price products. I think some of you don't know exactly what Ambilight is, what it was created for and what it should look like. Some people insist on having a Christmas tree behind the screen that reacts to any color and makes you have an epileptic seizure. The ambilight effect should be smooth, that you feel how the screen extends and does not distract you from the image with flickering, sudden color changes. Jack, who did you look to when creating this product, because Philips and their HUE products obviously didn't and they are the ones who really know about this. I bought my Neo 2.0 unit with the hope that after 12 years of using all kinds of devices to emulate Philips ambilight, I would finally find a product that was easy to connect, clean and comfortable. And what did I find? A product that has nothing to do with what Ambilight really is. A disco that does nothing but change colors abruptly in HIGH mode and in the other two with a very annoying delay and flickering, which interprets white colors as bluish and yellow as greenish. Jack, I know you are very excited about this project, that you can be the perfect alternative to the very expensive Philips Play, but first you have to really know what Ambilight is, how it works and above all surround yourself with real betatester and not people looking for the opportunity to receive a free product. That is even more important than the publicity that certain Youtube channels can give you. This Lytmi NEO needs a change in the way it processes data. I urge you to acquire a Philips HDMI sync, a gradient lightstrip and use it as the basis for your product. From there if you want to create new added modes for those who want a disco at home or epileptic seizures, go ahead. Hopefully you efforts will be focused on achieving these improvements and that Neo 2.0 will support fw updates to fix the units already shipped. Thx
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