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Jason Thompson
Jan 08, 2022
In General Discussion
Hello all I wanted to write a Review on the Lytmi Neo 2.0 that I have received and installed on my 120inch hiessen ultra short throw setup. SHIPPING/CUSTOMER SERVICE first off we were super excited on receiving this product and couldn’t wait to get it for our new project setup. We ordered in Nov paid the extra money for the quickest shipping method and waited until Jan 4th until we got the shipment. I did inquire about the shipment on the online chat and also asked a separate question once I got the product I never got a response back once from either question. So communication with customers was nill. yes yes I know I live in Canada and this product was shipped out of China even thought the site says China or the USA. But the extra $100 charge for quick shipping I assumed it was coming from the USA. Anyways on to the review and recommendations. we love the concept and as per the videos the led strips work so so and add some nice lighting around the projector screen. we do have the new 120L9G hiessen ultra short throw and the different inputs make this shine and not shine. INSTALLATION installation was a pain and I needed to re adjust the sticky back strip holders three times! Because even though this kit was for a 120inch screen if I followed the bezel I was short four or more inches. So I had to keep moving them inch by inch away from the edge so at the end there was enough light strip to fully reach around the whole screen. This is effecting the corners the most and the amount of light that is visible as it’s tucked away higher up on the back of the screen. once I had the spacing and strips installed the usb connections are super short only two feet max. Most people have entertainment stands and hide away all your equipment in them. I have fished all my cables behind the projector and bought a bunch of usb extender cables (after not getting a response back from customer service online if they would work or not) fished the usb cables down and then connected to the hub. lights were flashing randomly once powered on and I was unable to connect to the hub at all. the WiFi light was not on only the power light I tried everything to get one of the two apps to connect and none would. removed the usb extenders connected straight to the hub and it worked! So don’t use usb extenders, and for anyone with a huge tv Lytmi add in at least 10 feet of usb cable length so the hub can go where all the rest of your equipment goes and belongs in your entertainment stand. Currently I had to tuck it in behind the screen and fish up the hdmi cables, still a long one to fish. Also had a problem with a monster cable hdmi selector which is a 4K model but only one input would work and the others screwed up the light strip. So a list of compatible hdmi selectors would be great for future customers. And I would include more of the straight clips for this size two for the top and two for the bottom is not enough I would recommend four more in total so the top and bottom get four led strip clips and the the four corners. CONTENT/CALIBRATION so I find that live tv and tv shows due to the length being way to short for this size of screen is off by like four or five inches and the colors don’t line up with the video color on the screen. my Xbox one at 120hz doesn’t work at all. good news YouTube videos seem to work fairly well and show off what this system can do and the reason why we bought this. Below are some videos to show exactly what I’m talking about. if someone from Lytmi has actually read this far I am pleased with the concept and would love to test out a refined or updated version of this and I do have an actual 120 inch screen to test it on. I would gladly be interested swapping this one out which I paid for and give honest feed back for improvements for this larger version of your product If and when these recommended changes have been made. currently this 120 inch kit is not for a 120inch screen, it’s way to short!

Jason Thompson

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