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Tobias Fleischmann
Nov 30, 2021
In General Discussion
Question 1: Is it possible to extend the Lytmi Neo 2.0 Lightstrip for 120" (length 312" - 7.9 meters) somehow to 130" or 125"? My idea would be to separate the LED strips in the corners and insert a connecting cable as shown in the picture. Would the Neo Box recognize this or would the light strip shift the colors due to the changed resistance. (I am aware that there are no LEDs in the corners, but this should not be particularly noticeable because of the overlap of the frame canvas. Question 2: Is the following connection possible to get Dolby Atmos sound and 4K/60Hz HDR on the projector? Apple TV 4K latest generation -> Soundbar (LG DSP11RA9 -> Neo 2.0 -> Beamer (Viewsonic X10-4K) or must the Neo Box be between AppleTV and Soundbar? Greetings Tobias
I have 2 questions about the new Neo 2.0 content media
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Tobias Fleischmann

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