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Works great!…for 3 minutes.EPIC FAIL
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Feb 09, 2022
From the beginning this little device has been nothing but TRASH! I thought I’d save money but still have that immersive experience you’d get with PHILIPS HUE SYNC… boy was I wrong. 3 minutes into my installation of plastic bit and CRACK goes my TV screen. So much for saving money— next day, new TV, lighter on the fingers. Obvi can’t use the same sticky that came in the box, thoae you can only use one, so make sure you stick them exactly where you want them.…you might not get a second try.… 3 hours later I finally got these fat, heavy, bulky tacky lights up behind the tv… don’t get too excited . I plug in the power wire, the lights react dancing all around vividly in a rather apologetically captivating manner letting you know we are ready... first thing I tried was syncing to Pokémon Legends on my nintendo switch. I see the lights react as I move the menu bar from one space to another. and juuuuust as the intro is about to begin—-OFF! ….wtf happened?! The lights just decided they were going to shut down. To make sure it wasn’t a fuse or a cable, i switched mode to music and the Light turned back on… so i switched back to screen—-OFF! They dont turn on at all for the screen now. After resetting, unplugging, repluging, repeat x100000 I decided to contact support. They asked for videos,’photos, and the likes. They refunded me $40 of the $180 I paid. $40 is what these lights should be sold for. The screen sync is a short simulation to tease and mock you making one feel like a fool for thinking this TRASH produc could dare compete with Philips. Don’t be fooled by my pretty video… that honey money phase will quickly turn to anger and frustration. I wish this upon no-one but the person who thought they could get away without refunding me my full value, and at the very least given actual SUPPORT!! TRAAASSSSGHHH
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