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Thrasher GGM
Jan 06, 2022
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Hi After checking out which Ambilight can be retrofitted on the Internet and via YouTube, I came across the Lytmi. So I ordered it, received it yesterday and of course installed it right away. The fact that the description is only in English and Chinese is a bit of a problem for me. But I managed it. I run a Sony KD 75XG 9505 and a Sky Q receiver. I noticed that the TV goes off every few minutes. The message "no signal" appears. After 2-3 seconds the TV switches on again. Of course, the Ambilight also goes out. This has now happened 5 times in the last half hour. Of course you can't watch TV like this ... In my opinion I installed everything correctly and I don't know what the problem is. This problem does not exist without the Sync Box, the TV has never switched itself off. Maybe someone knows the solution? Do I have to change the HDMI cables? At the moment the included HDMI cable goes from Sky Q to the box and the original red HDMI cable from Sky goes from the box to the TV .. Since I have laid all the cables sensibly, I wanted to wait for an answer before I take everything apart .. Thank you for the possible solution to the problem Kind regards G. Graf Magazin

Thrasher GGM

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