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Jan 06, 2022
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I have the problem with correct connection and working NEO box (LED strips) and OLED LG C1 where there are 4 HDMI IN (inputs) but all of them have 4K 120 Hz. May be the problem is that LG has HDMI IN (all 4 intputs) with 4K 120Hz (instead of 60 Hz)? According to the specification inputs have 2.1 version. I tried to connect NEO with all HDMI inputs but the problem's result is the same - strips do not work when I choose Screen in the APP Sorry for my English in video . It was usual picture on TV (even not HD) Is it correct strip's working in Music Spectrum mode ? Then I tried to watch video 4K from Youtube and 4K film from USB and the problem's result was the same - LED strips did not work
is this the correct working  of the strips in Screen  mode ...?
And where is Dolby Vision? content media


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