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Ryan Fenik
Sep 05, 2022
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Here is my #Lytmisetup with a Lytmi 2.0, a 60" LG OLED, a Sonos Arc, and a Mantle Mount. The Lytmi allows for a pass though of the eArc signal, so the sound bar gets Dolby Atmos sound. The brightness of the #Lytmi is plenty bright even when the TV is mounted out on the Mantle Mount. The response rate of the picture is nearly instant (for game mode), and there are settings in the app to slow it down when watching movies. Installation was easy. The box includes rounded brackets for the corners which look nicer than any other TV backlights I've used. A solid buy, quality purchase, love the way it makes what you are watching more immersive.
My #Lytmisetup with Sonos Arc and Mantle Mount content media

Ryan Fenik

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