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Zaid Siddiqui
Nov 13, 2021
In General Discussion
Hi I have connected my neo box to my VU tv with the supplied hdmi cable however the video is not syncing to the strip. It does work. Rest of the modes like listen and all are working but as soon as i select video option in app the lights go off. I tried switching hdmi connection from output to input ...resetting...switching off power and switching on again...also tried different hdmi ports on my VU tv but to no vail. Also have tried deleting and adding the device on the app..still nothing Edit: I just thought i should let you know I am not using any external hdmi box (apple tv, etc) just want my smart VU tv content to sync with the neo box. Should i plug in one more input cable from a spare hdmi port on my tv to input slot of neo box and one output cable from tv to output slot of neo box. Think that will work? Or do i necessarily need an external hdmi device like apple tv or ps5.. Please help me it was a gift for my 5year old kid.
Hdmi sync not working with TV video content media

Zaid Siddiqui

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